Mastodon Coffee

About Us

The whole point of Mastodon.Coffee is to be a community of like-minded people who enjoy social media with love and respect. Running a social network can be expensive, so we accept donations in various forms.

At Mastodon.Coffee, we want to be as transparent as possible when it comes to the support we receive from our members. You guys support us every single day, so we want to let you know where your hard earned money is going.

How we assign funds

When you make a donation, either by Patreon or PayPal, it eventually ends up in our PayPal account. With this funding we do a couple of things:

  1. We keep a 1-2 month float of running costs; so we know we have funding in place should we need extra cash for things like an unexpected server upgrade.
  2. Anything over and above our running costs is accumulated in to new projects that benefit the Fediverse in any other way.

Current funding Mastodon.Coffee

The details below are accurate as of 22th May 2022.

Details Amount (EUR)
Mastodon.Coffee hosting(CX21): €5.93
Media storage (Min 3month): ~€1.00
MailGun SMTP: €0.00
Current monthly operating costs: €6.93
Current PayPal funding: €50.00
Total months funded: 7.22

Other projects we host

The Fediverse is more than Mastodon, we not only provide an ethical alternative for social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook but we host also some additional services.


Alternate FE

Current costs other services

The details below are accurate as of 22th May 2022.

Details Amount (EUR) €19.24 €19.24
Matrix + Element(CX41): €19.24 €400.48
AlterFE’s(CPX41): €27.71
Pixey Storage(500GB): €24.20
Misskey Storage(500GB): €24.20
PeerTube ~€25.00 €15.00
Totals extra services: €574.22